Flydigi WEE 2T Adjustable bluetooth Phone Clip Gamepad Game Controller for PUBG for iOS Android Mobile Phone Navy

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bluetooth wireless connection
Using Flashplay built-in mapping, no activation and activator are needed
Built-in 6-axis, precise control
Adjustable gamepad for 3.5-6.3 inches phone with bluetooth wireless connection up to 10M
Built-in keyboard and mouse converter, buy one but get more than a gamepad
Other than ABXY buttons, there are two more C and Z buttons for more skills release
With flymagic extension converter connected, you can use Flydigi Wee 2 gamepad as a keyboard and mouse converter
Flymapping makes it possible to support 7 button mouse
Support both Android and for IOS mobile games


Don’t compatible with iOS13.4 and above

Package Included:

1 x Flydigi Wee 2T Gamepad
1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

Color Orange and Pink:




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