DOBE TNS-18133B1 Grip Handle Non-Slip Bracket Holder Controller for Nintendo Switch Game Console

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Installation and Connection Instructions:
1. Open for Switch Game Host to enter the Settings menu before installation, find the “Handle and Sensor” settings, and set the “Pro Handle Wired Connection” to “Open”.
2. Slide for switch game host along the track of the handle grip into place and connect it to the control by pressing the A key of the handle; then enter the settings menu to find the settings of “handle and inductor”, correct the “positive rocker” and “corrected gyroscope inductor”, and then use it again.
Charging Instructions:
1. Supporting for Switch game host while charging while playing games, you can use the original for Switch power adapter or the standard 15V 1.5A PD protocol power adapter to input charging, after plugging in the power, for Switch game host screen will display charging symbols.


The Switch Console is installed directly on the Switch Controller to enhance hand feelings
The Switch Controller succeeds the connection automatically after the Switch Console getting inserted
Equipped with screen capture button, gravity induction of six-axis gyroscope, double motor vibration, power charging input interface, controller system updates and other functions
Designed with Type C interface, which allows players to charge their Switch Console while they are playing games. Support the original Switch power adapter or standard 15V PD protocol power adapter to realize charging

The product installs conveniently, the appearance is novel, the structure is beautiful and the hand feeling is extremely well

Package size: 165 x 130 x 70mm/6.49 x 5.11 x 2.75inch
Packaging weight: 323g
Input Voltage: 15V (PD Protocol)
Input current: 1.5A


Standard PD protocol power adapter is required. There is no battery inside the handle. Charging means charging for Switch game console
Package Included:
1 x Hand Grip for Nintendo Switch Game Console



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