DATA FROG P4 bluetooth Wireless Game Controller for PS4 Console PC Android Mobile Phone

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The wireless controller is indeed ergonomic and adopts a ps5 design. In particular, the analog joystick is responsive and stable, with almost no input lag and drift. At the same time, the controller is integrated with accelerometers and gyroscopes, which are very sensitive, thus bringing a more accurate and interesting game experience

This handle is widely compatible with for PS4/for PC(Win7/8/10)/ Android phones. You can enjoy most games on multiple platforms using the gamepad(This wireless function is generally used on PS4. The computer wireless connection needs to use the domestic 360 emulator from China. The mobile phone can be connected directly by bluetooth, but only supports the games which are the original ecology.)

The pressure sensor flushes with every action, making every stroke feel like a game. Feel every impact, collision and explosion with the help of double impact response of manual vibration. The 6-axis-highly sensitive motion control system can detect every action, character and tilt

The upgraded version of the controller has a new touch panel light bar design, which can more intuitively reflect the state of the handle itself

The back can be programmed by the four programmable custom expansion keys (M1, M2, M3, M4) on the back

The advanced technical design provides a speaker for gamers. Some voice commands in the game will be sent through speakers, which will not affect the music and sound effects of the game itself.

Just press the “Share” button, you can upload screenshots or videos, or play the game screen in real-time to share wonderful games all over the world

Product dimensions: 120mm x 155mm x 65mm

Weight: 265g

Package Included:

1 x Gamepad(other is not included)


Black, White


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